yes i’m a little irritated you said you wanted to talk nearly a week ago and here we are, saturday morning

and it basically hasn’t happened at all

and it’s always been “tomorrow”

so yes. I’m trying very hard to be patient and I don’t know if I actually have the right to be slightly irate by this but it’s just…

you asked me!!! and now i’m asking you!!! and you can never!! or just fall asleep without a second’s notice!!!



i don’t know if i’m a huge jerk or what.

ugh UGH

sad feelings overtaking

i don’t think i like the girl anymore, in a disturbing turn of events

my friend who i wanted to come over who I just want to be by and maybe see if we could fool around with cannot come over

my friend in cali is upset with me for whatever reason

it stinks.

I can’t even believe I liked you??

I am simply second-rate to you. and if you treat all your friends like that, they’re too good for you, though I know that isn’t the case.

Though I mean who can blame me. A biologist who has a liking for silly and cheesy shit, is one of the most attractive people I’ve ever met and with such a drive to move forward.

with crippling flaws of course.